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Upcoming Events & Courses

Upcoming Events

I offer a range of events which include;

  • A Night of Bliss (night of healing & bliss)

  • Women's Circles

  • Tantra Workshops

  • Temple Nights

  • Variety of pop-up events that are carefully selected and created


& Healing Activations

Receive sacred practices and energy activations from the comfort of your own home. Courses for women and couples with NEW courses coming in 2024!

What Are My Customers Saying ?

Melissa is an Angel sent from above.

Since joining ‘The juicy life path’ 5 months ago, my personal & business goals have been accelerating to new heights that I’ve never reached in 11yrs in business.

After every interaction with Melissa I feel positive, focused & have clear vision on what is next.

On the spiritual side I feel amazing, I have cleared & dumped so much unnecessary baggage after a divorce 4 yrs ago, than the government closing my business down for 7 months in two years, I was really in a bad place & had no drive or direction.

It’s amazing how melissa brings the best out in you & relights that flame that’s makes us our best versions of ourselves, which then flows into our personal & business growth. XX.

From the minute I saw Melissa’s offering I knew instantly this was calling me.

I didn’t know exactly why or what it was that drew me in, but it was a strong feeling, and from that I surrendered, and trusted my intuition & signed up immediately!I am now 4 months in, and it has been an incredible journey, one that has been allowing me to see the deeper parts of myself, to feel supported in a like minded community of women, and to explore open and honest communication whilst feeling heard & seen.I am excited to continue this program and see how my life continues to become even more juicer!I have noticed an increase in joy, love & gratitude in my life since starting this program, as well as a softening into my feminine energy, opening up to receive more!Thank you Melissa for holding a safe & nurturing space.

Beautiful Melissa, Heartfelt gratitude for the beautiful

healing session that you facilitated with me today.

The way you held such a safe and supportive space allowed me to experience a new level of calm surrendering. This allowed me to move through

vulnerability and in to a space of allowing to fully be present with myself, my

heart and my body. It was a beautiful celebration of my Goddess and Feminine


The flow of the comforting elements of the session supported me in deepening the inward journey. The meditations, massage, breathing techniques and energetic flow supported me in reclaiming my sacred essence and embodying my energetic being fully in my body.

I experienced hidden emotions being gently released, physical ailments that I was experiencing in my body ease and any restrictions physically, energetically or emotionally transmute.

Gratitude for all that you shared with me!

In joy, Alicia.

From the minute I saw Melissa’s offering I knew instantly this was calling me.

Working with Melissa so far has been very special. She has a very amazing skill and connected intuition for breaking through some deep seeded emotions and barriers. Each week we focus on a different chakra and already I’ve cleared some big trapped emotions from my childhood and am feeling lighter and more positive.

I can’t wait to continue working with Melissa through this course and beyond, I feel I’ve found a very special spiritual guide who not just is able to assist in the healing journey but also provides practical day to day tips on integrating the practices in a tailored way to your life and your challenges.

Very happy to have found Melissa and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to shine a light on their energy healing process.

Melissa is professional, calm, nurturing and intuitive. She is the lighthouse. A beautiful teacher, healer and gives guidance from the heart. I’ve been with Melissa one on one, in group settings and with my partner and always feel included, listened to and walk away with more knowledge than when I walked in with. Highly recommended.

It was fantastic to connect to my body and my feminine energy in that way, since I’m often guided by my masculine energy and don’t tend to slow down easily. It was a magical day, and one I highly recommend to anyone who can attend!

Thank you, Melissa, for helping on my spiritual journey.

Melissa has been a wonderful mentor throughout my adult life and I could not recommend a more beautiful woman to give you clarity and insight to help nurture and heal from the inside out. She is passionate about her craft, has a wonderful studio among the bellbirds, it’s a peaceful and tranquil place to unwind.

Seeing you for a healing session is always something I look forward to.

From the moment I wake up I can feel you working! I feel like I release so much not just in our reiki session but in our chats too. I get clarification on what I’m seeking. I walk away like I can conquer my fears. Or the noise of doubt has been eliminated.

I wasn’t familiar with tantra and didn’t have a clue what to expect. However, I was so pleasantly surprised with the content and delivery of everything. I learned a few things about myself today. Thank you so much x

What can I say, thank you so so much. So grateful for you. Our couples tantra session was so so lovely. Thank you for providing a safe space xxx see you soon xxxx

Thank you. And thank you again for a very spiritual and totally immersing day. I was blown away that you got me right into the zone for meditation. I usually have a very hard time with that . . .I have monkey brain . . . I will take this slow and steady.

I felt I could come and learn with an open heart and learn from you in how you teach and talk to others. I am always learning from you.

Also felt you attract beautiful souls and it’s lovely be around like minded people.

When Melissa offered me her services I kept an open mind, was very interested and I was blown away with the outcome. She is so passionate in all aspects of her work and maintains a friendly, comfortable, calm yet professional environment. It is very clear that she loves what she does and I guarantee you won’t regret booking in with her.You’ll be amazed!.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you for holding such a safe & sacred space for us today.

It was empowering, eye opening & uplifting.

Thank you so much!

I can’t wait to do it again.


Do you work with men?

Yes I do :)

Men are welcome to yoga classes, Reiki Courses or my Tantra Events. I just don't work with men one on one.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a sacred and ancient practice that invites us to explore the depths of our being, to connect with ourselves and others on a profound level. Often misunderstood as solely about physical intimacy, Tantra encompasses so much more—it's about embracing all aspects of life with mindfulness and presence. Through practices like meditation, breathwork, and sensual rituals, Tantra teaches us to tap into our innate energy, to experience profound pleasure, and to cultivate a deep connection with ourselves and our partners. It's a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and love—a path to living life fully and authentically, in harmony with the universe.

What is Quantum Healing?

Quantum Healing is a profound journey of self-discovery, tapping into your inner healer and wisdom through conscious exploration, guided by a Quantum Guide. It offers a transformative path to healing the body, mind, and spirit by harnessing the power to shift energies at the quantum level.

Book your Quantum Healing session with me today and experience the magic of this work :)

I'm new to yoga, are your classes ok for me?

Absolutely! Most people who come to my classes are beginners. All my classes are suitable for beginners and I have a variety of props that can assist. I love helping people find poses that are workable for them, no matter what experience or mobility you have. I am passionate about helping you find your centre and to use yoga as a self love practice.

My partner and I are new to Tantra, is your Online Couples Course & Couples Tantra Session suitable for beginners?

Absolutely. I have worked with couples new to Tantra and couples familiar with Tantra. My course and sessions are for all who are seeking deeper connection, pleasure and love.

I've never been to a Women's Circle, what should I expect?

A celebration of the feminine. A space to feel supported, heard, loved and connected to other women, where competition and ego is left at the door. When women gather, magic happens. My women's circle tickets sell out fast, I recommend booking asap.

What happens at Temple Nights?

We dive into Tantric practices and play. We explore ourselves and if we choose we can explore games with others. It's a choose your own adventure evening where boundaries and consent are respected and you can come as you are - with no judgement, a place of love, fun and exploration.

Please Note: You must attend at least 1 x Day Tantra Workshop before you can attend a Temple Night OR be quite familiar with Tantra and have attended these types of events before.

Do I need to attend the Day Tantra Workshop before I can come to the Temple Night?

You must attend at least 1 x Day Tantra Workshop before you can attend a Temple Night OR be someone who is quite familiar with Tantra and have attended these types of events before.

Can we do our Couples Tantra Session from home?


You can do this session from the comfort of your own home and once the session is complete, you can continue to relax/connect for longer instead of needing to drive home.

I also do these sessions face to face from my studio which is located at Tuggerah, NSW.